It's Funk !!

We surely all heard a song or two of this genre but perhaps we might not really appreciate the roots which gave the origin to Funk.  Around the 1960’s predominantly in African-American communities a new kind of music was being born.  Something people could dance to with a sort of rhythm and groove which was very appealing at the time.  


One can perhaps relate to the style artists like James Brown used in those times, other bands like  Sly and the Family Stone, Earth Wind and Fire and many more contributed highly to this genre and their was this is sort of music war on who would stay at the top at that time with this style.  But Why is it called Funk ? There is extensive information on the term but let us just imagine that the style makes your face sort of grin to the groove.  Almost as if you smell something bad, something musty.


But Funk was almost going to be short lived as in the 1970s, Disco was the groove and it was only thanks to some audacious bands like once again Earth, Wind & Fire, Kool & The Gang and L.T.D that Disco Funk was born which transported Funk in our days giving it a well deserved place in styles we like to play as well as mixing it’s way into Soul and Funk , Jazz funkFunk Rock etc.

In our guitar world we cannot but appreciate artists like Jimmy Nolen, Freddie Stone, Tony Maiden, Nile Rodgers, and Al McKay but also in our time Cory Wong , look them up and maybe you can try some of their riffs.  But remember to always make the Funk face.  

To Get you in the groove have a look at us playing some funk at guitarlessons malta.