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About Alison Galea


My name is Alison Galea. I have been playing guitar for the past twenty years and have been teaching it for the past fourteen. I share with my students anything I know and learnt throughout these years from my father, who is also a guitar teacher. However, one needs to understand that without effort, sacrifice, dedication and practice, no progress is achieved – no matter how good the teacher is. Every student must find some time to practice during the day. It is useless to be equipped with the best guitars, amps, sound effects and so on – they do not play on their own!!!

Through experience, I can say that at first students (of any age) are very eager to learn and do well. However, as things start to get more complicated, they tend to become a bit ‘bored’. They do not appreciate that most of the famous guitarists in bands studied really hard to achieve a good standard of playing – including scales, arpeggios,chords progression and so on.

As for Classical Guitar, I tend to emphasize a lot the position in which one has to be to play correctly this instrument. For instance I spend a couple of weeks on the relaxation of the right-hand, which is extremely important so as to play gracefully. Moreover, I cannot imagine a student playing classical guitar without the use of a foot stool. This is placed under the left foot so that the guitar is at a 45 degree angle with one’s body.


Classes are held from Monday to Friday in Santa Venera.  All ages are welcome, but preferably over 8 years. The classroom is equipped with amplifiers and stands, so students need only bring with them their guitar and the wire/cable. Those who wish to try out a couple of lessons before buying the guitar are also welcome – in that case they can use our guitars during the lesson. Moreover, students who own a guitar, but for a reason or another cannot bring it along for the lesson, are provided with one too.

Guitar lessons can be cheaper than learning to play other instruments, because they are  set up in groups with a range of styles from which the student may choose. Each student is individually taught – as if on a one-to one basis. Classes are made up of 5 students and duration of lesson is one hour, once a week.

As student progresses to an advanced level (i.e. after several years), then individual lessons are available too.

The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.